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Zhaobao Tai Chi Quan / Taijiquan DVDs

Zhaobao town is the neighbour of Chen Jiagou village and Zhaobao Style Taiji Quan was created by a great Taiji Master Guo Shikui in the town. The style is performed completely in vertical circles with big frame postures. It contains small circles in big circles and has a feature of 'three straight four following'. It is also very esay to see the Yin and Yang of the body, also hand and foot. It always uses one single leg to support your body and requires the body to be agile. When practising, it is very elegant and has a nice-looking. Our online shop offers Zhaobao Tai Chi DVDs including Zhaobao Tai Chi Quan, Sword and Sabre, and Staff and Sparring.

Zhaobao Tai Chi Quan(DW024-026)
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The Traditional Zhaobao Tai Chi Quan(DW095)

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