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Chen Style Tai Chi Sanshou Kungfu DVD/DVDs

This martial arts dvd series belongs to Chen Style Tai Chi Sanshou kungfu family, which is demonstrated and explained by Wang Zhanhai, the 12th Generation Disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan. Note: all the discraptions below are copied straight from the DVDs.

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Routine 1 of Sanshou Taiji Quan

Taiji Sanshou is created by Mr.Wang Xi'An and Wang Zhanhai is the eldest son of Mr. Wang Xi'An. With his father's strict construction, he spares no effort in practicing routines, studying actual combat and making a good achievement. He knows well its theory of little strength can move heavy thing, spiral and twisting. He has a deep understanding of its attacking revolving force, penetrating force and dissolving force. It is a kind of refined kungfu, flexible and soft, vigorous and fast. This educational disc includes demonstration of Routine Appreciation, Essentials of Postures and Application in Actual Combat of Chen-style Taiji Quan Sanshou routine 1.
Region: 0(all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 1 dvd

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