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Folk Music CD A Trip to Gushu City

Folk Music CD A Trip to Gushu City

Folk Music CD A Trip to Gushu City

The fomous musician, Shi Fu, has studied folk music in Northwest of China for a long period of time, and he has collected folk songs and done a deep research into them since 1950s, and then he has composed a large number of folk songs which are deely loved by Chinese people. This CD includes 12 pieces and the titles are as follows:
  1. Questions ad Answers on Flute and Lute
  2. The String Sounds Remind You of Your Love
  3. The Rhythm of Pipa
  4. The Strings Sound Jade
  5. Jade Flute Blows in the Green Mountain
  6. The Love of the String Sounds
  7. Song of Local Yun
  8. Happy Symphony
  9. Bells and Drums at Temple
  10. Steams Passing through the Mountain Caves
  11. Pipes Blowing at the Temple
  12. A Trip to Gushu City
Publisher: China



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