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DW174-06 Taiji Broadsword

DW174-06  Taiji Broadsword

DW174-06 Taiji Broadsword

Both Yang-style Taiji broadsword and Yang-style Taiji sword belong to short weapon of Taiji Quan pattern,originate from Yang-style Taijiquan. its demonstration method, requirements, style and characteristics are nearly identical with Yang-style Taijiquan, some broadsword form is not only similar with name of boxing, but also nearly identical with movement of boxing,in addition to steel broadsword, it looks more graceful and agile and its manner is full of power and grandeur,its expression pattern has its own style, distinguished from Taiji Quan and Taiji sword. Practising broadsword takes Ten Key Points for Taiji Quan as criterion. Combined with broadsword technique, its movement shall be standard and correct, and emphasize on the body’s coordination.Purely moved by waist and legs,arms turn with the body,broadsword turn with arms and the posture is smooth and free. The broadsword form is named in from of a pithy formula,in which many kinds of movements change differently so that it is not easy to memorize.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Duration: 60 mins
Region: 0(all region DVD)



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