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DW128-06 The Luohan Fuhu (subduing tiger) Fist

DW128-06  The Luohan Fuhu (subduing tiger) Fist

DW128-06 The Luohan Fuhu (subduing tiger) Fist

The Luohan Fuhu Fist is one of the short forearm movements in Hong Fist. This movement does not move in large scale, but its aim of training is very clear. It mainly practices the body gestures and foot skills, among which, the turning backwards and moving aside are of certain technical difficulties. And the hand skills are mainly stretching forearm, bursting forearm, pulling, hitting and so on. The practitioner needs to learn the forearm skills and be familiar with them. In all, practicing this movement well can increase the flexibility of practitioners' motions.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 53 mins



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