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DW084-2 Techniques of Induce and Capture

DW084-2  Techniques of Induce and Capture

DW084-2 Techniques of Induce and Capture

Explained and demonstrated by Wu Shijun, 7th Degree Danwei of Chinese Wushu, National First-level Wushu Coach and Judge.

This program consists of Basic Induce, Technical Induce, Capture and Counter-capture. The first two parts tell us how to turn the wrists, elbows and shoulders and how to defend in different situations, revealing the advanced use of Push Hand of Taji Quan, The techniques include induce, fold, borrow force and parry: In the last part, many examples are used to illustrate the cautions and solutions in combat and the essentials and common characteristics of capture and counter-capture are also explained.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 58 mins
Publisher: People's Sports & Audio-video Publishing House



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