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DW077-1 Wu-style Taiji Quan

DW077-1  Wu-style Taiji Quan

DW077-1 Wu-style Taiji Quan

Explained and demonstrated by Grandmaster Qiao Songmao, the 5th generation disciple of Wu-style Taiji Quan.
The Wu-style Taijiquan has 85 forms. Its forms are dapper and compact, and its postures are tight and elegant. It is easy to learn and follow. When practising you feel both your mind and spirit are peaceful and relaxing. The basic methods in the forms are "ward off", "stroke", "push", "press", "pull down", "bend backward", "elbow stroke" and "body lean", which are combined with attacking techniques hidded in. The DVD also explaines the Taiji theories and techniques of Wu Style Taijiquan.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: Double dvd 140 mins
Publisher: People's Sports & Audio-video Publishing House



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