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Nei Gong (or Internal Qigong) DVDs

Qigong or Qi Gong is a kind of Chinese Kungfu, which can be practised to use your Qi energy to flow inside or outside your body for martial arts purposes such as Shaolin Iron Head Kungfu and Iron Shirt Bridge Kungfu or for medical and health purposes such as healing, strengthening your muscles, bones and joints etc. When running /controlling your Qi energy flowing inside your body, it is called Nei Gong, or soft Qigong, otherwise, called Hard Qigong or External Qigong.

Selection of Neigong

Wang Wei is a member of Chinese Wushu Association and judge of Chinese Wushu Level 6 Test and Shanxi Wushu Level Test. He has won golden medels in national Wushu competitions for times and hailed 'Outstanding Inheritor of Zhaobao Taiji Quan of Wudang' by Mout. Wudang Boxing Research Society, and 'One of Hundred Excellent Men of Chinese Wudang' by Physical Education Bureau and Wushu Administrative Centre of Hubei. This is a collection of demonstrations of Mr.Wang Wei, including Zhaobao Taiji Quan, dragon-shaped Taiji Qiu, horizontal and vertical piles of Neigong, methods of breathing and massage,Ba Duan Jin, etc. It is valuable for collection, research and appreciation.
Region: 0 (all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 50 mins

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