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Tai Chi Fan VCD

Tian Feng Tai Chi Fan was developed by a famous Chinese Martial artest, Tian Wei, who is the creator of Tian Feng Quan. The routine of Tai Chi Fan has integrated traditional Chinese Wushu, Qigong with modern arts. That's the reason why it becomes so popular. The art has been performed in Macao Handover Ceremony by thousands of people and has achieved a great impact. The art can benefit people's fitness, health and also can make people younger.

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Tian Feng Tai Chi Fan

Disc 1( 60'12''): includes Introduction and Key Points , Entire Routine and Section 1 -Section 3 Detailed Instruction
Disc 2 ( 51'25''): includes Sction 4 -Section 7 Detailed Instruction
Disc 3 ( 50'06'') : includes Sction 8- Section 9 Detailed Instruction, Fellow Me, and Simplied Tian Feng Tai Chi Fan.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese
Duration: 3 VCDs

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