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About the Company

The Dragon Brother Ltd. is privately held and based in Great Manchester, UK. It focuses its business on online shopping of Chinese culturized products such as Kungfu or Chinese martial arts DVDs (e.g. Tai Chi, Shaolin, Qigong DVDs), Tai Chi books, weapons, Chinese Music, Chinese languages, Chinese Tea, etc. It has business partners both in UK and China. In addition, the company also provides consultancy for UK and China companies in business, commerical, and technical engineering. The services include business set-up, partner search, market research, technology transfer, language translation, advertisements, publications, website design, leaflet print, logo design, book and dvd publishing,etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What payment methods can I use?
On-line there are four payment methods available to chose from at checkout:
  • Purchase using your credit card / debit card through paypal secure payment system, where various credit cards and debit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, Switch, Solo, Mastercard etc can be available.

  • Paying from your paypal account, where our paypal account is:

    dbpp_acc@dragonbrother.co.uk or db_shop@dragonbrother.co.uk

  • Pay/transfer money from your bank directly, or Sending us a UK£ cheque for your order(this may take a little bit longer for the cheque processing), where Dragon Brother Ltd. HSBC bank details are as follows:

    If you are inside the United Kingdom, please pay into:

    Account Name: Dragon Brother Ltd.
    Sort code: 40-31-48
    Account Number: 00061662

    Or if you are in a country outside of United Kingdom, please pay into:

    Account Name: Dragon Brother Ltd.
    International Bank Account: GB67MIDL40314800061662
    Branch Identifier Code: MIDLGB2179J

  • Provide your payment information over the telephone, where we can purchase the goods for you over the phone.
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1. How can I do a shopping with you?
  1. Browse the Shop:

    Firstly, browse our shop by clicking on the category links either on the left column, middle column or top menu bar to find exactly what you are looking for. You will then be presented with a list of relevant products.

  2. Add Items to Your Shopping Cart :

    When you have found a product that you'd like to buy, click "Add To Cart". This saves your chosen product in your Shopping Cart.

    If you would like to buy more than one of your chosen product, type the number in the Quantity box of the Shopping Cart, then click "Update" to update the amount.

    If you would like to remove a product from your Shopping Cart, type the number 0 in the Quantity box of the Shopping Cart, then click "Update" to update the amount.

    If you would like to browse for more products, you can use your browser's back button back to your previous page, or click the category on the right column, or click 'Home' or 'Online Shop' on the top menu bar to select from the homepage again or the Online Shop page.

    Any items you currently have in your Shopping Cart will remain there until you buy or remove them. You can see which items you have in your Shopping Cart in the Shopping Cart box in the middle column. Also you can see the total amount and quantity in the Shopping cart box on the right column.

  3. Go to Checkout:

    When you are ready to buy your chosen products, click the "Checkout" link at the bottom of the page or on the top of the menu bar.

    Five steps are presented to show you the process as follows:

    Step 1 - Address: You are asked to fill in your address billing information in this step.

    If you have already had a Dragon Brother customer account (have previously created a account by yourself), click the "Submit" button to log in with your email address and password, which can save your time to access your details.

    If you are a new customer to Dragon Brothetr and want to register with Dragon Brother then click the "Click here to create a customer account" of that page and follow the instruction to fill the information, and click the "Submit" button to complete the registration, and then click 'Click here to go to the onlie store Checkout page' of that page, which will link you back to the checkout page where your billing information has already been automatically presented.

    Alternatively if you do not want to do any registeration, just simply fill in the billing information form.

    Note: The billing information you filled in must be same as the address your card registerd with your bank, although you may fill in different shipping information, otherwise, your purchase process cannot pass the address verification service due to the enhanced fraud protection.

    For the additional information, You can either tick the box for 'Subscribe to our mail list' or simply ingore the box if you don't want to do so.

    For payment method, you can chose you preferred method and then click 'submit' button to go to the next step.

    Step 2 (Shipping Info): In this step, you can chose you preferred shipping method such as first class then click 'submit' button.

    Step 3 (Review): You can review a summary of your order and billing information (also shipping information) in this step. Make sure everything is correct then click 'submit' button to go to the next step.

    Step 4 (Payment): In this step there are four optional payment methods. If you chose the first one, you will be directed to Paypal secure payment page, where you will be asked to fill in your card details. You won't be directed back to Dragon Brother's confirmation screen untill your purchase process has been completed. If you select others, then please follow the instructions on the link to complete the payment process.

    Step 5 (Order Complete): In this step you can see a confirmation screen and you can print off a nice friendly invoice for yourself if you need one.
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3. Is shopping here secure?
  1. Yes, it is. Ordering Online with us is safe and secure!
    Our site is using 256-bit encrypted SSL technique, which makes your details safe and secure. We also use secure third party payment processors such as PayPal Secure Server payment system, in which we never ever store any credit / debit card information in our site. Also We do not keep any record of your credit/debit card information in our end even if you paid us over the phone.
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4. Do you collect my card information from me?
  1. No, we do not collect any card information from you. Details please see our Privacy Statement.
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5. Do I get a receipt for my purchase?
  1. Yes you will receive an automated order confirmation receipt by email after you have placed your order.

    You can also print a interface friendly invoice off from your terminal during your purchasing process step 5 (please refer to question 2's answer.

    Also you can access 'Your Account' here to tracking your order status.
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6. How do I know when my order has been dispatched?
  1. You will firstly receive an automated order confirmation email after you have placed your order. You will then receive further email notification when your order has been dispatched but please feel free to contact us at any time about your order. You can also check your order status by access 'Your Account' .

    Here is what each order status means:

    Pending payment:
    This mwans we are still waiting for your payments.

    Pending shippingment:
    This means your order is currently being dealt with.

    Partially shipped:
    This means your order has been partially shipped, and still have further shippment.

    This means that your order has been dispatched and has either been delivered or is in the mail to you.

    This means that your order has been cancelled.
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7. Is there a delivery charge? If so, how much?
  1. Yes, there is. It is calculated on the basis of total item weight, and charged on the criteria of Royal Mail First Class Delivery, Signed for Delivery and Special Delivery plus small fee of packing, but if the total weights are greater than 2kg, we do not increase the postage any more, which is the benefits for high volume shopping.
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8. How long does delivery take?
  1. We aim to dispatch items within 2 working days of your order. It may take 2-3 days for delivery within UK; 5-7 days or so for outside UK.
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9. What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
  1. We aim at 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with the items you have received and informed us within seven days of your receipt of the goods, we will arrange to refund or exchange goods for you provided that the goods are returned in the original condition and carefully repacked. For more details please visit Return and Refund Policy.
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10. Do you deliver worldwide and how about import duty?
  1. Yes, we do. All goods apart from the Tai Chi weapons will be delivered in the worldwide. For the Tai Chi weapons you must collect them from us in person. In case of any import duty that may be due, it is your responsibilty to pay any of them , however, if you are in the UK or elsewhere in the European Economic Area there should be no import duty (except the goods were delivered from China).
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11. Do you do wholesale / volume discounts?
  1. At moment, we offer the wholesale service, but in the future we will also provide volume discounts services. More details about wholesale please see: wholesale registration page.
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12. How can I contact you?
  1. You are always weclome to contact us by phone, mobile,email or through our Contact page to send us contact message.
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Contact Us

By Online: Sending Contact Message
By phone: +44(0)161-4781605
By Mobile: +44(0)7500827965/7856056815
By post: Dragon Brother Ltd.
18 Lawnhurst Avenue
Manchester, M23 9RY
United Kingdom
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