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Beautiful Chinese Bracelet, Hairclip, Hairpin, Mirrors etc.

Our online shop offers a full selection of beautiful bracelet, Hairpin, Mirrors etc. Chinese stuff with a competetive price, which we guarantee that all of our stuff are in very good condition with an excellent quality, also with different color, shape and design options available.

Any 3 for 2 Cheapest Product for FREE!

You purchase 3 and we guarantee will refund the cheapest one to you!

Bracelet image

Phoenix Hairclip image

CS002-Phoenix-shaped Hairclip
Seven Flowers Hairclip image

CS003-Seven Flowers Hairclip
Tree Leaves Hairclip image

CS004-Tree Leaves-shaped Hairclip
Butterfly Hairclip image

CS005-Butterfly-shaped Hairclip
Crown Hairpin image

CS006-Crown-shaped Hairpin
Phoenix-shaped Hairpin image

CS007-Phoenix-shaped Hairpin
pearl flower hairpin image

CS008-Pearl Fower Hairpin
3 Feathers Phoenix Hairclip image

CS009-3 Feathers Phoenix Hairclip
Boxed Mirrior image

CS010-Pocket Openable Bouble-Mirriors with Box
Mirrors image

CS011-Pocket Openable Double-Mirriors

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